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Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator (S

Bettis™ EHO Electrohydraulic Operator

The Bettis EHO is a self-contained, quarter-turn, valve actuator that combines proven technologies from Emerson’s Valve Automation. The actuator has been designed for critical shutdown applications where reliability is crucial. The EHO utilizes a dependable spring-return actuator for the fail-safe stroke combined with an integral hydraulic power pack and electronic control module.


The EHO accepts a wide range of single-phase, three-phase or DC power sources; also solar panels are available for areas without electrical power. A hydraulic hand pump can be used to stroke the actuator during commissioning or in the event of an emergency power loss.


Electronic modules are contained within an explosion proof, IP68 enclosure and all electronic components are isolated from the customer connection terminals.


Both spring-return and double-acting configurations are available with torque outputs up to 268,868.08 Nm. The EHO provides a compact design with actuator and control components that have been field proven for decades in critical service applications.

Bettis RGS-Q Actuators

Bettis RGS-Q Actuators
Bettis RGS Series - Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator
Stainless Steel Bettis RGS-Q series Actuator with DVC

Bettis RGS Series - Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator

High Cycle, High Frequency, Extreme Temperature Application - crafted without compromise to ensure reliability of your valve assets.


Bettis™ RGS stainless steel actuators thrive where other actuators fail. It’s inherently force and weight balanced design makes it ideal for throttling applications, without the corrosion and side loading issues of other actuators. The RGS performs regardless of where it’s installed.


Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the Bettis™ RGS stainless steel actuator can handle harsh, corrosive environments like naval submerged brine plant filter systems with high vibrations, pulp and paper "wet" areas, mining lime lines, acid plant valves, slurry valves, caustic wash down, and food processing. It's robust, rugged, and reliable.


Reduce maintenance and operating costs with no loss in production time


A very rugged mechanical design eliminates normal failure modes such as sliding parts, side load forces and numerous seals. Bettis RGS actuators consistently demonstrate the ability to last for incredibly long periods of time, customers report years of service with no failures and maintaining operations with no loss in production time. With an inherently force and weigh balanced design, the RGS is ideal for high speed, throttling applications, high corrosive environments, and for applications with side loading.


It is designed to withstand the extreme ambient heat like in a boiler atmosphere or in the severe, artic cold. Unlike similar actuators, the RGS has operating temperatures from -51°C to 232°C (-60°F to 450°F).

Stainless Steel Bettis RGS-Q series Actuator with DVC

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Versa DSM Series – 316SS high flow direct acting solenoid valve

Versa DSM Series – 316SS high flow direct acting solenoid valve



The Versa Products Company D-316 Series valve is a high performance high flow direct acting solenoid valve. Designed as a 3-way (3/2), it is a true multipurpose/universal flow valve. A “bubble tight” valve throughout it’s complete operating range and cycle life. Suitable for air, natural gas and hydraulic media.


High performance stainless steels make the D-316 Series an ideal choice for the harshest environments. The D-316 can be configured for full NACE compliance.


Designed for ease of installation and field serviceability make the D-316 the choice for all applications.

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Mercer Valve

Mercer Valve Co. has been engineering and manufacturing state of the art safety relief valves since 1986. Our patented Auto Seat Technology(\(\(\(R) has placed us at the forefront of today's relief valve industry. Our relief valves' patented Auto Seat Technology(\(\(\(R) will give you an extended seat life, which will allow your valve to open, close, seat and seal hundreds of times, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Whether it is our deliveries, valve shop or mobile repair, at Mercer we will continue to strive to satisfy our customers with exemplary service. This commitment along with our continuing valve line development will enable us to continue to grow and be an industry leader.


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The Clearguard® Autorodder™ is a proactive, preventative, maintenance tool used to ensure safe, reliable, accurate and efficient process variable (pressure, level & flow) measurement systems and can be operated in Process Temperatures up to 1,650°C (3,000°F) and Process Pressure up to 1,450PSI (100 BAR)

Designed over 20 years ago in Western Australia and manufactured in Australia and the USA, the Clearguard® Autorodder™ prevents tapping points becoming partially plugged by keeping them clear at all times which improves safety, efficiency and process measurement accuracy.

Partially blocked or plugged tapping points have been a curse on accurate and reliable process variable measurement for decades, but now no longer thanks to the Clearguard® Autorodder™.

Clearguard® Autorodder™ is used in Chemical, Mineral Refining, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Steel Making and Oil Refining throughout the world in Australia, India, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Scotland and USA.

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