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Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator (S

Bettis™ EHO Electrohydraulic Operator

The Bettis EHO is a self-contained, quarter-turn, valve actuator that combines proven technologies from Emerson’s Valve Automation. The actuator has been designed for critical shutdown applications where reliability is crucial. The EHO utilizes a dependable spring-return actuator for the fail-safe stroke combined with an integral hydraulic power pack and electronic control module.


The EHO accepts a wide range of single-phase, three-phase or DC power sources; also solar panels are available for areas without electrical power. A hydraulic hand pump can be used to stroke the actuator during commissioning or in the event of an emergency power loss.


Electronic modules are contained within an explosion proof, IP68 enclosure and all electronic components are isolated from the customer connection terminals.


Both spring-return and double-acting configurations are available with torque outputs up to 268,868.08 Nm. The EHO provides a compact design with actuator and control components that have been field proven for decades in critical service applications.

Bettis GVO Linear Pneumatic Valve Actuator

The Bettis GVO-Series is a field proven linear valve actuator suitable for automating most types of rising stem valves in safety shutdown and control applications.


  • Automates most types of rising stem valves- slab, wedge, knife and expanding gate, globe, rising stem ball and dampers

  • Extended stroke for each model

  • Optional materials of construction for sour service

  • Options include limit switches, relays, solenoids, pressure pilots, dampeners and manual overrides

  • Travel adjustment on top and bottom makes sure the piston stops on the actuator not on the valve, protecting valve seat

  • Standard open pedestal design, closed pedestal is available on request

  • Hard chromium plated and polished stainless steel piston rod guarantees corrosion protection and minimal friction


  • Power SourcePneumatic

  • Product TypePneumatic Actuator

  • ActuationLinear, Double-Acting

  • CertificationsATEX, PED, SIL capable (CE)

  • Control TypeOn/off

  • Valve TypeSlab, Wedge, Knife, Expanding Gate, Globe, Rising Stem Ball Valves, and Dampers

  • Operating TemperatureFrom -60 °C to 100 °C (From -76 °F to 212 °F)

  • Operating Pressure12 barg (174 psi)

  • ThrustDouble-acting thrust up to 1600000 N (360000 lb), Spring ending thrust up to 450000 N (101000 lb), Spring starting thrust 540000 N (121000 lb)

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Bettis RTS Series Electric Actuator

True Mechanical Fail-Safe
RTS fail-safe electric actuators with true mechanical spring return for fail-safe positioning are designed and field proven for reliable shutdowns on loss of power or signal. The design has the ability to independently adjust motor speed and fail-safe shutdown time.


Precise Process Control

RTS series offers continuous (S9) and  precise modulation to meet your critical process control applications.


Common Features across the RTS Series:

  • ON/OFF and Modulating duty

  • Bluetooth configuration

  • Diagnostic data logging

  • Certified UL, CSA, ATEX, IECEx

Bettis RTS CL Compact Linear Electric Actuator

A non-intrusive intelligent Compact Linear Electric Actuator for ON/OFF and Process Control applicaitons


Bettis RTS FQ Fail-Safe Quarter-turn Electric Valve Actuator

A non-intrusive intelligent Fail-Safe Quarter-Turn Electric Actuator for ON/OFF or modulating duty in Fail-Safe applications


Bettis RTS FL Fail-Safe Linear Electric Actuator

A non-intrusive intelligent Fail-Safe Linear Electric Actuator for ON/OFF or modulating duty in Fail-Safe applications


Bettis RTS CM Compact Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

A non-intrusive intelligent Compact Multi-turn Electric Actuator for ON/OFF and Process Control applications


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