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Bettis - Actuator.png

Bettis products are used in almost every energy related industry including on and offshore oil and gas transmission, petrochemical and petroleum refining. Others include chemical, power industry including nuclear, pulp and paper, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textile and water systems.


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Dantorque - Actuator.png

Dantorque a.s. is an established market leader in the subsea environment and now also in general valve applications. Although specialised in subsea valve actuation, Dantorque a.s. also markets and manufactures a compact range of actuators aimed at general purpose valve applications.


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EIM - Actuator.png

EIM introduced CONTROLINC, the first digital control system for valve actuators, in 1985. For over half a century, they have remained pioneers in product innovation and technical design improvement, patented a number of basic designs now standard to most of the actuator industry.


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Elomatic - Actuator.png

EL-O-Matic’s “fit and forget” ideology has helped establish a strong reputation for quality and reliable performance within the world’s process industries and industrial applications. Using modular construction with multiple common components, a wide range of combinations can be configured with high quality parts to suit applications across the whole spectrum of industrial processes. Users benefit from easy upgrades, repair, and maintenance with fast delivery from stocking distributors around the globe.


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Shafer - Actuator.png

Shafer's actuators are used on the piping of compressors, metering and regulating stations, distribution systems or transmission lines, refineries and petrochemical, gasoline and power plants and for certain marine applications primarily in the gas transmission pipeline industry, where reliability is critical.


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Hytorque- Actuator.png

Hytork™ pneumatic rack and pinion valve actuators combined with TopWorx  solenoid and switchbox accessories are the premium quality offering for automation of industrial valve applications in process plant. Designed for long life use, incorporating customer input, the body of the cast aluminum actuator provides extra drilled mounting holes for both top and bottom mounted accessories and can be directly mounted to butterfly valves. Actuator recognition at a distance is made easier by way of cast-in size identification. Springs carry a life-time guarantee and maintenance either in-field or in-workshop can be swiftly carried out by way of the patented “Safekey” quick release end cap facility. Hytork™ actuators can also be provided with a unique internal and external “Commando” corrosion protection coating, to combat aggressive corrosive environments.


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FieldQ - Actuator.png

FieldQ has been developed to meet increasing customer demand for valve automation systems with integrated control accessories and digital communications possibilities. This intelligent solution is capable of meeting the tough demands of both the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where reliability and high standards of performance are critical. The highest attention to quality of design and manufacture ensures that the FieldQ can withstand extremes of temperature, harsh duty, and corrosive atmospheres.


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Kinetrol - Actuator.png

Recognising the emerging need for quarter-turn valve and mechanism actuation, Kinetrol invented and patented its vane-type rotary pneumatic actuator. They now have many actuator control modules to meet  growing demands for more precise and sophisticated process control and monitoring.


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