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The Clearguard® Autorodder™ is a proactive, preventative, maintenance tool used to ensure safe, reliable, accurate and efficient process variable (pressure, level & flow) measurement systems and can be operated in Process Temperatures up to 1,650°C (3,000°F) and Process Pressure up to 1,450PSI (100 BAR)

Designed over 20 years ago in Western Australia and manufactured in Australia and the USA, the Clearguard® Autorodder™ prevents tapping points becoming partially plugged by keeping them clear at all times which improves safety, efficiency and process measurement accuracy.

Partially blocked or plugged tapping points have been a curse on accurate and reliable process variable measurement for decades, but now no longer thanks to the Clearguard® Autorodder™.

Clearguard® Autorodder™ is used in Chemical, Mineral Refining, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Steel Making and Oil Refining throughout the world in Australia, India, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Scotland and USA.

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  • SAFETY - Reduce injuries from burns and/or falls from costly manual rodding.

  • PROCESS​ - Purge media reduced by up to 80%.

  • ACCURATE MEASUREMENT READINGS - No spikes or false readings with clear tapping points.

  • PRODUCTION - No process interruptions or disturbances due to incorrect instrument feedback. 

  • MAINTENANCE - Optional battery pack lasts for one year or the control system can be hard wired.

  • P.M. REDUCTION - No need to clean taps manually.

  • EASY INSTALLATION - Needs only instrument air.

  • ROBUST DESIGN - Engineered and Designed for long service life.

  • PATENTED APPARATUS - Does not effect pressure measurement signal.


​With clean tapping points allowing accurate and reliable process variable measurement from your trustworthy, robust and proven field transmitter, you can:

  • Eliminate exposing any personnel to the risky and often difficult practice of manually rodding out tapping points  

     - Saving on potential injury, Saving on man hours.

  • Eliminate reduced process production due to unreliable process variable measurement 

     - Saving on Inefficient production, maximizing unit production.

  • Eliminate unnecessary parasitic purge

     - Saving on purge flow, Saving on diluted process.

  • Eliminate spurious shut downs and unplanned outages 

     - Saving $$$ on lost production, Saving $$$ on unnecessary maintenance. 

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