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Dennis H. Shoff




Dennis is the founder and Chairman of Matco Asia. Over the last 30 years he has built up the company to become a strategic partner to the major oil companies in the region. His dedication to the industry has enabled him to grow the company and establish regional presence in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Middle East and Malaysia. He has built up a strong reputation with his supplier-partners like Emerson Process and Westlock Controls. Together, they penetrate new markets, grow and create opportunities in the industry. With over 30 years experience in the industry, his knowledge and expertise is much sought after.

Stefanie R. Shoff


Executive Director


Mrs. Shoff joined Matco 24 years ago. Her accomplishments in Matco are a testament to where we are today. Her Leadership, Vision, and Organizational expertise has given our company a map to success. Her accomplishments outside of Matco are both philanthropic as well as entrepreneurial. She has led the companies efforts with numerous charitable organizations throughout SE Asia supporting Children’s Orphanages. She has been Owner and Managing Director in the Fashion, Art, Spa, and advertising industries.

William Fong


Chief Executive Officer


William comes to us from Matco Asia Services, Pte. Ltd., where he held the position of Service Division and Regional Sales Manager. A Singaporean with over 20 years of Management Experience providing service to the Oil & Gas and Process Industries. His long career in Senior Leadership in the Valve Reconditioning and Actuation services has prepared him well for his current position here at Matco. During his time at Matco Asia Services, William demonstrated his understanding of our business goals and the passion to advance the momentum created by his predecessor. He will surely lead the company well toward its continued goal of Operational Excellence. When William is not engineering happiness at Matco Asia, he is at home mastering the art that is Chinese Calligraphy. William holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management and a “Can Do” way of thinking that surely represents the best Matco Asia has to offer.

Jason Ngiam


Chief Financial Officer


Jason joined the company in January 1984 and was responsible for the management of its accounts and office administration. In 1985, he was given an opportunity to learn the products represented by Matco Asia and was appointed Bettis product manager in 1988. He subsequently took up an additional role of Operations Manager which required him to oversee the valve automation operations. He moved up the ranks and was promoted to General Manger in 1994. Jason also assisted in the successful implementation of the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Program in 1996. He currently leads the finance and accounts departments.

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