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VERSA Valves

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The Versa line of air control valves offers a broad selection of sizes, types, actuators and mountings. The total spectrum of applications for Versa valves, covers a diversity of energy, environmental and high-tech markets including: process control, robotic, packaging, textile, wood, mobile, automotive, printing, tires, oil and gas drilling, and many other industries where reliable, precise control is not only necessary, but vital.


Available In:


Process Control
Are you processing chemicals, oil, pharmaceuticals, food, or pulp and paper? Are you mounting solenoids to actuators - rack and pinion, scotch yokes, or vane style? Do you need hazardous location solenoids? Are you direct mounting NAMUR style solenoids or do you need corrosion resistant materials?

Industrial / Mobile Pneumatics
Are you actuating cylinders, air motors, grippers, or slides? Are you building automated equipment that uses pick and place units? Do you have a mobile pneumatics application?

Oil & Gas Wellhead Control
Are you manufacturing equipment for the oil and gas industry such as emergency shutdown panels? Are you building drilling equipment? Do you need pneumatic relay or reset valves?




Modular Air Package










The Versa Modular Air Package is a compact air management system, that will provide a full range of pneumatic accessories and functions to meet the needs of most control systems in the actuator control industry. Major components are shutoff valves, check valves, filter/regulators, speed controls and directional control valves.

Versa's VMAP simplifies the design process by combining all the components of a common circuit, into one integrated assembly. Whether a standard shutoff circuit or an intricate control system, VMAP has the features to meet the requirements of any control project. VMAP will reduce costs, components, engineering, vendors, weight, and save time.















Versa V/T and V-316 valves are extremely versatile valves that can handle any air power task from vacuum to 200 psi. Valves are available with solenoid, manual, mechanical, or pilot actuators. Also available are unique features such as lockout, latching manual reset, and redundant coils. Materials of construction are brass or 316 stainless steel.

*V Series also available in Stainless Steel
















Versa manifold systems are designed to gang mount several valves together, easing assembly, startup, and troubleshooting. Two or more valves can be mounted together or mounted on single station subplates.















Reset and relay valves for emergency shutdown panels. Stainless steel and hard coated aluminum transmitting and receiving relays and pneumatic resets.

*Also available in brass



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