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Bettis CBB and CBA - 300 Series Pneumatic Scotch-Yoke


•    PED 97/23/EC compliant. 
•    IP66 and IP67M for water ingress protection as per IEC 60529. 
•    Pneumatic output torques: 
        •  CBB Spring-return models — to 4,269 lb-in (482 Nm) Spring End 
        •  CBA-300 Spring-return models — to 10,457 lb-in (1,182 Nm) Spring End 
•     Standard pneumatic operating pressures to 150 PSIG (10 BAR). 
•     Standard operating temperature is -20°F to +200° (-29°C to +93°C) 
•     CBB symmetrical mounting pads allows field reversal of spring return actuator failure mode with no disassembly required (CW or CCW). 
•     CBA-300 standardizations — ISO/DIN bottom mounting for close or direct coupling to the valve topworks. 
       — NAMUR standardization allows direct or close coupling of accessory hardware.

Available Range:
•     CBB315 SR - CBB725 SR
•     CBA730 SR - CBA930 SR
•     Service Kit

Bettis G Series


Pneumatic Spring-Return Scotch Yoke Actuator 
•     A scotch yoke valve actuator for operating ball, butterfly or plug valves along with louvres, dampers and 
      other 90 degree rotating mechanisms. Suitable for demanding SIL-required applications.
•     Modular design improves efficiency, reduces wear, and extends life
•     Patented Tension-Lok™ device positively locks the spring module allowing safe removal and 
      installation, eliminating accidental release of the spring force

Available Range: 
•     G01010 SR - G400XX SR
•     Service Kit

El-o-matic F Series


Pneumatic (Spring-Return / Double-Acting) Rack and Pinion Actuator Provides an on/off “Fit and Forget”

performance, dependability and low maintenance across the widest range of applications requiring ½” through 30” valves.
•     Aluminum actuator with standard NAMUR interface and dual ISO 5211valve flanges
•     Cycle speeds are maximized using large internal air ports
•     Blowout proof pinion design improves safe maintenance by ensuring the pinion remains in the housing.